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Linden lining highly used in houses and cottages exterior decoration while interior cladding more common in rooms, saunas, baths, steam rooms and on balconies. Linden lining is simple in installation, thus, you can independently choose the position of the plank which simplifies the interior finishing works and reduces the cost of walls pre-processing. Linden lining is a low-budget category of finishing lumber, but at the same time the due to the beautiful color of the processed lumber, it gives an unusual apartment outward. Over 25 wood types are used for the manufacture of linden lining. The age of the tree is important as well, thus it is crucial to use a tree that is older than 70 years, the reason is over the years of germination the tree is gaining essential oils and a rich golden color, which gives an unusual interior design. 

Five linden lining advantages

The benefits of using linden lining are revealed during material exploitation.

Linden lining advantages includes in following particular qualities:

  • Due to the low density the wood does not heat.
  • Heat transfer
  • No pitches
  • Low moisture content (up to 10%)
    This quality-characteristic makes linden lining dense, durable and  mechanical damage-resistant;
  • Soundproof

Linden tree is similar to the organism, it breathes and passes moisture. Wood belongs to the category of honey plants, thereby linden lumber gives off a pleasant honey aroma during heating, which carries beneficial medical properties. It is known, that Inhaling the aromas of honey vapor, a person relaxes and is saturated with positive energy. Shelves and benches in the bath are often made of linden, as the material is pleasant to the touch and gives warmth to the whole body. Despite the all above multiple advantages the material has quite an affordable cost, thereby «Extra» grade price starts at 200 UAN per square meter. However, it is crucial to understand that «Extra»  grade is recommended for decoration of premises with high humidity and temperature. First and second grades are suitable for external and internal decoration of residential premises.

Medication properties of linden lining

Everyone knows the medicinal properties of linden nectar, honey, and flowers. Linden lining is also beneficial for health, thus linden lumber is good for the liver, lungs, skin, and hair. In a humid environment, the entire human body is saturated with essential oils and becoming fit. Therefore, linden lining is popular among the finishing materials for steam rooms. In course of time, linden lining completely gives up its healing properties coming out with steam the. Therefore, timely replacement of boards helps to save all the benefits of the material, while maintaining the room interior.

Affordable linden lining from manufacturer

UAWP company offers linden lining with prompt delivery service around Ukraine. We carry out a cyclic production process from a log felling in Ukrainian forests to its processing, therefore we guarantee high-quality lumber that meets GOST norms and standards. The lining is dried in automatic drying chambers, which makes the material strong, wear-resistant and durable. During lining operation in high temperature and humidity apartments, the lining does not deform and keeps its original appearance. We sell linden lining with the highest grade (Namely 0-1) at manufacturer cost. Delivery is carried out on the order placement day in case if the required amount of material available in stock. If necessary, we will make a bulk order for the individual client requirements. We provide assist in material selection and free quotations under the finishing area. Our company will provide you with high-quality material and competent service at a reasonable cost.

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