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Forest\Logs transportation is the most profitable and inexpensive type of transportation of lumber.

Please, contact UAWP Team if you are willing to save the cost and get high-quality service.

We provide a full range of services for loading, transportation, and unloading of wood products, regardless of its volume.

Перевозка леса и пиломатериалов по Киеву и Украине

The company's fleet of vehicles contains fully driven 6x6 domestic-made trucks: the Urals, Kraz, Kamaz, etc.

The car's carrying capacity reaches twenty tons, and the reinforced parts of the chassis allow you to overcome difficult sections of the road in any weather, it allows quickly and accurately deliver the timber product to the specified location.

Low cost and safe wood transportation

Professionalism and responsibility are the main features of the UWAP company's drivers staff.

  • Profound experience in loading and unloading timber helps to provide our customers with high-quality services in combination with a safety guarantee.
  • The company's motor transport complies with international standards and has a package of permits. Our drivers are highly aware of all the above standards and permits.
  • We provide full product savings and prompt delivery without force majeure situations.

UAWP operates on a ground of loyal cost policy, offering a flexible price system.

Managers and consultants of the company are ready to discuss your order, familiarize themselves with it and calculate the favorable route for transporting timber, announcing the total cost of the service.

The service also includes:

  • Transportation of wood to the agreed location (warehouse, construction site, factory, etc.);
  • Transportation of wood residues;
  • Export of boards, logs, beams, whips, etc.

Please, take into account, additional services have to discuss individually.

We are a result-oriented company, we are providers of high-quality goods and exclusive services.

Prompt wood transportation by road

UAWP company is engaged in the transportation organization of wood.

Our highly qualified specialists will independently calculate the distance between two points and select the optimal and less expansive way.

Our team will also arrange the delivery of the transport under the size and volume of goods.

Thus, each work phase is controlled by competent managers, in case if unforeseen situations arise, we could immediately resolve the issue. All the above allows us to guarantee a prompt response to the problem and high-quality support during the working process.

We provide our customers with convenient cooperation terms and reasonable cost of wood transportation in Kyiv as well as other regions of Ukraine.

Our service could be beneficial for your business.

Check out more about cooperation benefits with UAWP Company from our highly component managers.

Please leave the request on the website or contact us with contact telephone numbers.

UAWP Team will help you organize high-quality wood transportation in Ukraine and ensure you with the perfect service.

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