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The bar 40x40 is an indispensable material in the construction sector. The material has good quality characteristics, a long lifetime and meets the GOST general norms and standards.

Depending on the selected wood species, a 40x40 bar may have additional advantages. Manufacturing a product from hard coniferous species gives the product a density and a pleasant smell. Production with the help of hardwood deciduous trees makes the material as wear-resistant and durable.

The 40 by 40 mm wooden bar has precise geometric dimensions and stability parameters. It does not deform during operation, does not lose shape and does not crack. It has thermal insulation properties, maintaining a comfortable microclimate in the apartments.

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The 40 by 40 mm in use and cost

The material field of use is extensive. In construction, we use the material for the construction of flooring, panels, frames, and lathing. Due to its lightweight, the material does not affect the total mass of the structure and does not require heavy and expensive foundations, a product with a of natural humidity level is used for similar works. Wooden bar characterize with low cost.

Dry wooden bars in dimension of 4 by 4 are highly used in furniture manufacturing sector. Bars are characterize with attractive outward and what is more not susceptible to microorganisms and mold. In this area, products made from oak, linden, alder, and ash are recommended. This species is a more expensive and more valuable, thus dry bar is used in following fields of work:

  • Internal and external finishing works
  • Decorations of verandas, terraces, and gazebos
  • Baths and saunas constructions
  • Constructions where aesthetics outward are important

Material cost directly depends on it length ( From 2 to 4 m), field of use and moisture content. In our company, you can find a wooden bar in the dimension of 40 by 40 mm for necessary purposes at reasonable cost.

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High-quality wooden bar in the dimension of 40 by 40 in Kyiv area

If you are interested in high-quality lumber products purchasing, we are glad to inform you that Ukragrolesopererabotka LLC sells a wide range of exclusive goods. As a manufacturer, we are responsible for the manufacture process and sale of the material by controlling every stage of its processing. If you are looking for a specific wooden bar, you can rely on our component and professional managers. Our team would be glad to familiarize you with the company assortment.

We provide our clients with a prompt delivery service in the Kyiv region by our own transport facilities and use shipping companies to deliver goods around Ukraine. Pickup service is also available during business hours. Contact us and get multiply benefits from direct cooperation with the manufacturer. When you work with us, you can be sure that cooperation with will be profitable and therefore, very enjoyable. When choosing UAWP — you choose quality, speed and ease of profitability.

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