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Edged lumber is a geometrically correct material with a rectangular section and a span of the material, corresponding to the normative and technical documentation. The material can be with parallel and non-parallel edges. We make edged sawn timber of various wood species, which are suitable for construction and finishing works under their characteristics. Pine species are the most common and demandable material in the territory of Ukraine.

Edged, dry pine lumber is characterized with dense structure, thereby it keeps heat well and can be used for external construction works erection of rafters, construction of load-bearing walls for baths, saunas, houses, and cottages. We often use pine lumber for interior decoration due to the natural aesthetics and practicality. We sell a wide range of deadwood pine lumber. You can place an order at UAWP company and get edged sawn timber in the required quantity to carry out the required construction work.

We are manufacturers, our company located in the Ovruch city, Zhytomyr region. We provide our customers with prompt and high-quality delivery service around Ukraine. We can offer a smooth delivery service with a help of company transportation facilities as well as shipping through the forwarding companies. We can assure delivery to Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Kherson and other settlements of the country. A whole team of managers, working to ensure that from your order to delivery will be as little time as possible without losing quality.

To purchase edged lumber: The main cooperation terms

When you work with UAWP, you can be sure that cooperation with us will be profitable and therefore, very enjoyable. When choosing UAWP — you choose quality, speed and ease of profitability.

We sell pine edged sawn timber (board,bar, half-beam,  euro pallets blank) in an assortment of geometric sizes:

  • Width - 40-150 mm;
  • Thickness - 14-150 mm;
  • Length - 800 - 6000 mm.

Types of product defects

  • Chip mark: this defect is indicated by the marks or signs placed by chips on the finished surface of timber
  • Diagonal grain: improper sawing of timber
  • Torn grain: when a small dent is made on the finished surface due to falling of some tool
  • Wane: presence of original rounded surface in the finished product

Defects due to fungi and animals

Fungi attack timber when these conditions are all present:

  • The timber moisture content is above 25% on a dry-weight basis
  • The environment is sufficiently warm
  • Oxygen (O2) is present

Wood with less than 25% moisture (dry weight basis) can remain free of decay for centuries. Similarly, wood submerged in water may not be attacked by fungi if the amount of oxygen is inadequate.

Fungi timber defects:

  • White rot
  • Blue stain
  • Brown rot
  • Dry rot
  • Heart rot
  • Sap stain
  • Wet rot
  • White rot

Following are the insects and molluscs which are usually responsible for the decay of timber:

  • Woodboring beetles
  • Marine borers (Barnea similis)
  • Teredos (Teredo navalis)
  • Termites
  • Carpenter ants
  • Carpenter bees

Natural forces

There are two main natural forces responsible for causing defects in timber: abnormal growth and rupture of tissues. Rupture of tissue includes cracks or splits in the wood called "shakes". "Ring shake", "wind shake", or "ring failure" is when the wood grain separates around the growth rings either while standing or during felling. Shakes may reduce the strength of a timber and the appearance thus reduce lumber grade and may capture moisture, promoting decay. Eastern hemlock is known for having ring shake. A "check" is a crack on the surface of the wood caused by the outside of a timber shrinking as it seasons. Checks may extend to the pith and follow the grain. Like shakes, checks can hold water promoting rot. A "split" goes all the way through a timber. Checks and splits occur more frequently at the ends of lumber because of the more rapid drying in these locations


The seasoning of lumber is typically either kiln- or air-dried. Defects due to seasoning are the main cause of splits, bowing and honeycombing.

Quality: 1-4 grade:

1 grade characteristic

  • Free of knots (FOK)
  • No rotten knots cracks (not allowed)
  • No sapwood (not allowed)
  • No rottenness (not allowed)
  • No bluestain (not allowed)
  • No mechanical damage (not allowed)

2 grade characteristic

  • No loose and rotten knots (not allowed)
  • No sapwood (not allowed)
  • No bluestain (not allowed)
  • No insects and other parasites traces (not allowed)

ATTENTION! Cracks with a width of not over 1 mm and a length not exceeding a third of the total length of the product are allowed.

3 grade characteristic

  • The fused knot is allowed
  • «Surface» and «end» cracks are allowed
  • Redtop (browning) is allowed ,
  • Wavy fibered growth is allowed ,
  • Internal sapwood is allowed.

4 grade characteristic

According to the GOST norms and standards, the fourth grade includes a maximum number of defects.

We can carry antiseptic or heat treatment at the client's request.

The cost and delivery service terms are negotiated individually and directly depends on the volume of the order, the required characteristics of the wood and the delivery deadlines. We provide ongoing information support related to the cooperation, order status, material selection, delivery service, and cost. We guarantee high-quality goods under  norms and standards, as well as professional service at manufacturer cost.

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