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The alder lining is a premium class decoration material that highly used in interior decoration of houses, cottages, balconies, baths, and saunas. It is important to stress out that alder lining belongs to the birch family and has a high density, strength and water resistance because of germination in a humid environment. The alder lining does not bend or crack, during drying, it dries minimally but remains soft and supple. The alder is considered a rare tree in Ukraine. Alder tree is in demand despite the rareness fact. The lining gets a deep brown color with a reddish tint after the processing, which brings lumber closer to mahogany. The aesthetic outward, luxurious color, noble shade, and many other advantages distinguish alder lining from other tree species. The material contains numerous anti-inflammatory and bactericidal components that evaporate into the air during heating, therefore, the alder lining is considered as the best lumber for the baths, saunas and steam room's interior decoration. It is scientifically proven that alder lumber has a positive effect on well-being and emotional wellness.

Five reasons for alder lining buying

The alder lining has multiply advantages over other types of lumber, that is why we would like to pay your attention to the main reasons for alder lining buying.

  1. Waterproof, thermal and sound insulation qualities
  2. Eco-friendly product with favorable energy and healing characteristics
  3. Biologically active components that perform hemostatic functions
  4. Simple in transportation and installation
  5. Atmospheric influences, temperature and humidity resistance

Alder lining does not contain natural resins that can burn a person during the heating, therefore, it can be safely used in rooms with high temperatures.

The use of the material is scientifically proven, therefore it is recommended to visit baths and saunas decorated with alder wall paneling for people who suffer from the respiratory tract, joints, skin diseases,  acute respiratory viral infections and other types of colds. Inhaling the beneficial fumes secreted by the alder, people with chronic bronchitis instantly feel better. Alder wood lining is unique lumber combined with health benefits and high-quality practicality characteristics.

Alder lining cost

Despite the long list of alder lining advantages, it has an affordable cost, for example, the lowest alder lining grade cost starts at 100 UAN. We recommend first or extra grade alder lining for interior decoration. Extra grade cost starts from 180 UAN per square meter. However, the choice depends on individual preferences and room specifics.

For example, it is recommended to purchase first-grade lumber for steam rooms, saunas and baths and second grade is suitable for room finishing and balconies, because in this case, the knots, which are typical for the second grade, will fill the room with a lively and natural look.

Alder lining at the reasonable cost with shipping around Ukraine

UAWP company offers alder lining at reasonable cost from the manufacturer. We sell fresh products under technological requirements and GOST standards. We can offer 0-1 grades with different lengths and thicknesses. UAWP competent managers provide high-quality assistance in material choice under your individual requests. The company guarantees date-scheduled and cost-effective ground shipping delivery around Ukraine. We could assure professional service in combination with high-quality goods at a reasonable cost. Place an alder lining order and enjoy construction works.

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