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Final product quality directly depends on proper wood drying, thus proper drying is the key element in high-quality wood material. As a full complex manufacturer of lumber in Kyiv "Ukragrolesopererabotka" Company is pleased to offer wood drying service on the commercial grounds. We offer wood drying service at our own facilities and can guarantee high-quality technical equipment, which includes advanced high-tech dryers with a large capacity.

Оперативная сушка древесиныThe device is reversible, vertically transverse with forced blowing of the product and mild temperature conditions with a maximum value of 80 degrees Celsius. High-tech system is able to carry out a full cycle of wood drying in automatic mode, also it measures the natural moisture level and parameters inside the drying chamber and controls the functionality of the apparatus, responsible for changing the characteristics of wood.

High quality and low-cost wood drying

UAWP wood drying implements under strict criteria. We take into account wood physicomechanical characteristics, therefore during the wood drying the volume decreases while the strength increases.

The process takes place until full compliance with norms and standards of the dried wood artificially. Therefore, we provide our customers with high-quality products in combination with strength and reliable material. Our company responsible for the complex and laborious organization of wood drying, we are committed to providing high-quality service to each client.

Ukragrolesopererabotka LLC works on cost loyalty, which allows us to offer customers reasonable prices for wood drying service in the Kyiv area. The cost of the wood drying service is negotiable individually and depends on the amount of work and other features. Quality monitoring and cost control help us implement high-quality service in combination with affordable prices, regardless of the quantity of the product.

Wood drying service in the Kyiv area from the manufacturer

We offer high-quality service and reasonable cost in the capital's heart of Ukraine to win a long-term partnership.

The whole process of wood drying controls by competent specialists, thus our product is distinguished by strength, hardness, physical and chemical characteristics containment. Contact our team if you are willing to get a high-quality product and competent service, let our managers help you to with order placement and cost quotation.

Please, complete the form or contact us by contact phone number. When you work with us, you can be sure that cooperation with will be profitable and therefore, very enjoyable. When choosing UAWP — you choose quality, speed and ease of profitability.

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