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Bloc-khouse (lining, euro-lining) - panels for wall decoration that mimic a log. Material is highly used in external and internal finishing works with using various widths and thicknesses. The material is made from hardwood and conifers.

The material from alder and pine is in great demand due to the lifelong service, which gives the resin, which is part of the tree. Under proper conditions, wood provides excellent, lasting performance. The material is made from hardwood and coniferous. The material from alder and pine is in great demand because of the lifelong service. Under proper conditions, wood provides excellent, lasting performance. Due to the resin, which is part of the tree, the material has a long-term operation.




Product Thickness Retail cost
4,0 - 4,5 м 0,135 м 0,035 м Contract price
4,0 - 4,5 м 0,135 м 0,045 м Contract price
4,0 - 4,5 м 0,105 м 0,025 м Contract price
4,0 - 4,5 м 0,085 м 0,020 м Contract price

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Качественный блок хаус в магазине UAWP

The blockhouse material provides the heat and noise insulation in the building also it has great waterproof qualities. Besides, due to its properties, it saturates the room with a pleasant coniferous smell. The exterior finish of the facade gives the building an attractive look.

Block-house cost

Material cost depends on wood species. The block-house cost is lower than the wood bar cost. Nowadays, the average cost of material in the Kyiv area is about 100-200 UAH per square meter. Due to block-house low weight and simple installation, it is possible to save the cost at all stages of finishing works.The catalog of the UAWP online store has collected the best offers of a block-house at manufacturer cost. We are ready to produce the needed amount of material for individual measurements and provide delivery service around Kyiv.

Block-house with delivery to the facility

Place an order in our company and we deliver it to the facility in time.

Our clients own several advantages:

  • All types of blockhouses are made from one batch of the forest.
  • All material is dried in a single drying chamber with the same moisture content.
  • Production of euro lining on one machine.
  • The unified phased technological cycle of all baths
  • The material passes control and complies with GOST standards, which means high-quality material.

UAWP offers block-house as attractive building finish at manufacturer cost without extra charge.

Block-house in use

The block-house is highly used as interior and exterior decoration and cottages front design, summer residences, balconies, houses. In interior decoration, the material is used for wall cladding as well as floor and ceiling cladding. What is more, the product is indispensable in the construction of frame method houses. Attractive outward imitating rounded beam creates an interesting exterior architecture of the building. Due to the block-house material, the house is filled with warmth, coziness and a pleasant coniferous smell from the inside. With its help, we create traditional wooden houses and modern buildings in the country style.

Block-house cover benefits

The material is in demand due to its advantages:

  • High thermal insulation. The product warms up inside and does not release warm air
  • High soundproofing
  • Ecologically clean product
    Green building minimizes the impact or "environmental footprint" of a building. Wood is a major building material that is renewable and replenishable in a continuous cycle.
  • Maintain optimal microclimate and humidity
  • Attractive outward and stylish design
  • No additional treatments for interior decoration needed

High-quality characteristics and reasonable costs are alive making the blockhouse a unique, profitable and indispensable material for home decoration.

High-quality block-house for sale in UAWP company

We following norms and standards in the manufacturing process. Moisture content does not exceed 14%. The packaging of the material ensures integrity during transportation and protects against external negative factors. We produce goods under the «AB» and «C» grades. We form grades during the finished material sorting and so out sort the material with defects in wood and flaws formed during production. Contact our managers for more details. Fulfill the feedback graph and we will contact you as soon as it is possible. We offer a large production line in combination with a wide assortment and reasonable cost from the manufacturer. We provide a delivery service in Kyiv and around Ukraine. We will take care of your order, and delivery service to make sure you satisfied with our service.

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