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Wooden pallets (Euro pallets) are an indispensable warehouse attribute for loading and unloading activities. Pallets allow prompt, conveniently and safely move and store bulk cargo. We make material from second and third wood grades (under the GOST general standards); the product has 2 or 4 compartments for forklift trucks and is distinguished by its type, size, and load capacity.

UAWP company offer high-quality euro-pallets in wholesale and retail at manufacturer cost in Kyiv area. Strict pallet production control and the high quality of the panel platforms allow us to offer products with a lifting capacity of up to 1200 kilograms.  Our company pays attention to all production issues, euro pallet blanks, workflow management, and sales organization.

The main euro pallet dimensions manufactured in the UAWP

Euro pallets have a standard size:

  • Width - 80 cm,
  • Length - 120 cm,
  • Product height - 15 cm.

The shield comprises 5 boards of different widths, alternating between each other. We assemble the bottom from one wide and two narrow boards. The weight of the pallet depends on the wood species and normally ranges from 18 to 22 kilograms.

The dimensions of the product are quite universal and make it possible to fit various types of products on a pallet: from building materials, household appliances, food products too many others. The material is quite durable and has a long service life, thereby giving the possibility of reusable use. Also, the material is reliable and able to withstand heavy loads.

Euro pallets from reliable supplier

We produce pallets of standard euro pallet sizes and also work according to individual measurements of customers. Since we work with individual orders, we have opened the doors and opportunities for many new customers in the Kiev region. We are ready to offer individual pallet design development for non-ordinal solutions, blanks collection and manufacturing of bulk deliveries.

An additional service of the company is the used pallets restoration. We provide customers with prompt production of goods, high-quality delivery in Kyiv with the help of the company's transportation facilities, and we are also open to cooperation with transport companies to carry out delivery in Ukraine. Pickup service from the warehouse is available during business hours.

Euro pallet billets sale on the permanent ground

We sell euro pallet billets made of coniferous (pine, spruce) and hardwood (aspen, birch, alder) tree species. We base the production of blank on modern high-tech equipment, due to which we produce the product in strict dimensional compliance with the highest quality. We provide control of all stages of production according to the standards and requirements of GOST. Strict control allows us to guarantee high quality products for our customers.

We use the first and second grade wood for pallet billets. We select varieties with a natural moisture content that complies with the norm; the material does not have cracks, delaminations, protruding fasteners, and strong contaminants. Contact us by contact phone number to place an order.

Euro pallet cost

The cost of pallets depends on the type and wood species. The price also affects the size and quality of wood. The price for one item ranges from 30 to 100 UAH. For wholesale customers, the company offers flexible discount systems and bonuses. Our products are subject to multi-level pre-sale preparation and strict quality control. We offer pallets at manufacturer cost in Kyiv area.

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