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Wooden doors are totally environmentally friendly products with high-quality characteristics and an attractive outwards. Wooden doors are more expensive than artificial counterparts. The high price is explained by the naturalness of the product, and its ability to last for decades. 

The product has an elegant design, beautiful natural wood pattern and high-quality characteristics. Wooden doors can be both entrance and interior. The combination of wood species, decorative inserts of varieties of wood types allows you to create dozens of stylistic variations. Product quality depends on the wood and compliance with production standards.

Three main advantages of wooden doors 

The main advantages of wooden doors include:

  • Totally natural product;
  • Durable and reliable product;
  • High level of sound and heat insulation.

It is important to emphasize that, unlike others, wooden doors do not contain chemical impurities, glue and other toxic components harmful to human health. Made from a solid array, they get all the strengths of the material. In addition, the product has a beautiful color, pattern, and smell. Wooden doors can last for decades.

Over time, the material, like any other natural product, loses its original outward, but thanks to the constant care and timely restoration, we can restore the product to its aesthetic appearance. Wooden doors have competitors in terms of heat conservation and sound insulation. If you intend to order high-quality wooden doors, do not forget to equip them with high-quality sealants, in this case neither cold, nor heat, nor sudden changes in temperature will be felt in the room.

To purchase a wooden door: four  best wood species

We make wooden doors from various types of wood, to provide a wide range of goods to our customers, also we provide a wide price range to make our goods affordable to everyone.

Nevertheless, the most popular species are oak, pine, alder, and walnut. Oak massif is the most valuable because hardwood has a unique structure, the highest level of hardness. Insects do not pay the attention of this tree so it does not lose quality properties. Oak is well resistant to temperature, and humidity changes. As for pine, this wood species is common in Ukraine and is easy to process, therefore pine doors are inexpensive and affordable to everyone. Also, harmful insects do not eat material due to the presence of resin in the pine, moreover, mold or fungus does not form on pine products. The tree is soft, weak to humidity and sharp temperature changes - to combat all of the above, modern production uses glued wood. Alder has healing properties, alder doors are durable and wear-resistant. Walnut has a peculiar structure and natural pattern. Due to the species widespread in Ukrainian forests, walnut material is affordable.

Wooden door cost

The cost of the product directly depends on the dimensions, wood type, and grade. Inexpensive products include pine, walnut and alder doors while expensive species include oak and other rare wood species. As a manufacturer company, we offer our clients to buy wooden doors at a reasonable cost without high intermediary margins. We control pricing, so we offer a wide range of products and affordable prices. We offer a flexible discount system and bonuses for wholesale customers. We sell goods under special and seasonal offers. Wholesale and retail purchase in our company is multiple benefits for each customer.

To place a wooden door order with address delivery

We offer our customers only high-quality products, therefore our wood undergoes strict sorting. After production, we coat the product with an antiseptic and varnish, which extends its lifelong use. Under proper conditions, wood provides excellent, lasting performance. A wide range of products contains products of various dimensions, grades, and characteristics. Each product has a modern outward. Wooden door cost includes a box, canvas, hardware, coating, and platband.

You can order a wooden door on any date convenient for you, and we will take care of high-quality delivery. We provide our customers with a prompt delivery service in the Kyiv region by company transport. We carry out delivery in Ukraine with the help of shipping companies. Pickup service is available as well during the business hours. We provide a guarantee on our products and ensure customers with high-quality goods.

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