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The conversion from coal to biomass power is a growing trend in Ukraine. Government support an increased role for energy derived from biomass, which are organic materials available on a renewable basis and include residues and/or byproducts of the logging, sawmilling and papermaking processes.

Термодревесина высшего качества

Thermally modified wood, is wood that has been modified by a controlled pyrolysis process of wood being heated (> 180 °C) in absence of oxygen inducing some chemical changes to the chemical structures of cell wall components (lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose) in the wood in order to increase its durability.

Thermally modified wood is an innovative and novel material in the Ukrainian market. Thermally modified wood  is absolutely environmentally friendly, has high physical and mechanical characteristics. The material does not tend to crack or rot, thereby this material lasts longer than standard wood. We consider thermal wood production an advanced novelty. In the recent past, the material was available only in European market. Nowadays it is possible to buy thermo wood in Ukragrolesopererabotka LLC at an affordable cost.

Thermo wood production and processing secrets

The main production secret lay in the hemicellulose and lignin evaporation off a tree. Due to the all above, finished material has the following characteristics:

  • Does not absorb moisture;
  • Dense structure;
  • Maximum decay and mold resistance;
  • The stable geometric shape which does not deform even after 10 years of operation;
  • Persistent bright color and shade without the use of varnish.

We can create an exact copy of the oak color with the help of the thermalwood production technology in combination with pine material. We offer attractive outward at a low cost for our clients.

Thermalwood purchasing and operating advantages

Thermalwood products do not have the property to rot, even if we use the material in the high moisture content areas, it does not swell, does not deform, and does not change the structure for many years. The product perfectly withstands the temperature changes and ultraviolet, thus we can use it in open areas, namely terraces, verandas, paths, etc. As a result of the influence of the high temperatures, sugar is evaporated from the chemical wood composition, thereby the material is not threatened by pests.

Thermalwood is the best heat conductor. After the heat treatment, the level of thermal insulation improves by 30%, thereby thermo wood floors could save energy.
Studies show manufacturing wood uses less energy and results in less air and water pollution than steel and concrete. Thermally modified wood can be used in stairs, parquet, berth laying as well as decorative bridge, pool area, patio and as a sauna decoration.

Thermally modified wood cost and benefits

Thermal wood belongs to the elite materials class. It requires huge financial and time resources to produce the material, as a result, all the above makes the products the most expensive among their lumber analogs.

However, despite the high price, you get an elite high-quality product that does not resemble any other product in its quality characteristics. Due to the thermalwood, you can save the costs of heating, as the material keeps heat well.

Thermo-wood parquet fully pays off its costs by saving energy. It is crucial to point out that all the properties of natural wood are preserved, but the material does not contain the disadvantages of ordinary wood.

Thermal wood with delivery service in 3 days around Ukraine

The UAWP company is one of the first manufacturers who began to produce thermal wood material in Ukraine. Experience and specialized equipment allow us to produce high-quality material and its components. A wide range of thermal wood allows our clients to choose the best options.

Competent and professional managers will assist you in assortment, wood species, principles of its processing and offer favorable prices from the manufacturer

We provide our customers with a prompt delivery service in the Kyiv region by company transport. We carry delivery service around Ukraine with the help of reliable shipping companies. Pickup service is available as well during the business hours.

If the requested volume of goods is available, we carry delivery out from 3 to 5 days. Contact us, we guarantee high-quality goods under the international norm and standards in combination with professional service and affordable cost.

When you work with us, you can be sure that cooperation with will be profitable and therefore, very enjoyable. When choosing UAWP — you choose quality, speed and ease of profitability.

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