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Fuel chips are fuel-efficient and easy to manufacture. We position it as residues in lumber production, which cannot be used as the main raw material for consumer or construction purposes. However, fuel chips do not lose their values during the use, thereby many companies, including European ones, use fuel chips for home heating , and industrial facilities.

The low cost of the material in combination with high combustion efficiency creates cost-effective conditions for buildings heating of any scale. The ability to combine fuel chips with another type of raw heating material allows you to adjust costs. We offer fuel chips with a prompt delivery service in Ukraine.

We are manufacturers that carry out a full production cycle, therefore, we sell raw materials in any volume, including large wholesale. Wood chips production take place in Ovruch, Zhytomyr region, but with the help of company transportation facilities and forwarding companies, we deliver the order to Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia and other settlements of the country.

Fuel chips advantages

From a consumer point of view, the material is the most cost-effective heating product.

High-quality characteristics provide several key advantages of the material

Fuel chips are environmentally renewable raw materials, crushed to a certain fraction. Using the material as fuel allows automating the combustion process. The main advantage of the material is a high calorific value. Also, the main advantages include:

  • Absolutely environmentally friendly product.  Fuel chips are more environmentally friendly than the coal;
  • Combustion completeness;
  • Up to 1% ash residue after combustion;
  • Simple storage and use;
  • High heat transfer coefficient - 18800 kJ.

Fuel chips at reasonable cost

It is cost-effective to heat residential and industrial buildings with raw materials than to use coal, peat, gas or electricity.

For example, 15 m3 of bulk fuel wood chips made from conifers are comparable in efficiency with 5 m3 of hardwood and a low percentage of moisture (up to 15%), 7 m3 of pine firewood, 1000 cubic meters of natural gas and 1025 kg of anthracite. Due to all the above, it is reasonable to think that fuel chips are the cheapest energy carrier in Ukraine. Studies show manufacturing wood uses less energy and results in less air and water pollution than steel and concrete.

Three powerful reasons to buy fuel chips in UAWP company:

  1. We are the wood processing factory owner with a full production cycle. Therefore, we provide our customers with a smooth supply of goods.
  2. The production line capacity allows us to produce up to 200 tons of fuel chips per day. We are ready to work with individual orders at any volume of raw materials. We will complete your order in a short period of time.
  3. We offer only high-quality materials. Raw materials are characterized by high calorific value and low wood bark content.

We sell fuel chips at a reasonable cost in combination with company quality guarantees. We provide our clients with full ongoing information and assistant support during the cooperation. Contact us to place an order and enjoy all advantages of cooperation with the manufacturer.

When you work with us, you can be sure that cooperation with will be profitable and therefore, very enjoyable. When choosing UAWP — you choose quality, speed and ease of profitability.p


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