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Oak products are highly popular due to the strength, hardness and heaviness, thus oak material used in all areas of construction works. It is reasonable to say that oak beam practically does not get wet. During the oak beam manufacture, the wood is treated with protective impregnation, thus, the product receives high-quality characteristics. An interesting fact is that even being under the water or soil for decades as piles, oak beams do not collapse, but become stronger, firmer, becoming dark brown or black.


Another interesting fact is that there are about 200 species of oak. An adult tree has a noble texture of light or yellow-brown color, which darkens over the time. Oak timber is highly used in those areas of construction where strength, aesthetics, and resistance to decay are important, therefore, oak lumber widely used in the construction of piles, window blocks and other works where the tree is in contact with moisture. Ukragrolesopererabotka LLC, offers to buy different types of oak beams to improve the quality of your construction and achieve an effective result.

Oak beam properties

Oak beam properties depends on place of germination of the tree. There are boron and coastal oaks. Boron oak has a solid inelastic texture and yellow-gold color, it grows in dry soil.

On other hand, the coastal oak is dense and resilient with a whitish color of wood. One way or another, regardless of sprouts place, oak is considered the most valuable tree species, as it has a number of advantages:

  • Durability - the lifetime of an oak bar exceeds 100 years;
  • Beautiful texture with a bright pattern and a touch. Over the years, the wood darkens and hardens.
  • High density, resistance to mold, fungi, and bugs;
  • Simple processing, etc.

In accordance to numerous adventages, oak beams highly used not only in construction, but also in the manufacture of furniture, windows, doors, stairs. Products from oak lumber ennoble the house, endow it with warmth and aesthetics.

Oak beam cost

As one of the most valuable species of wood, oak has a high price. The material is resistant to decay, durable, aesthetic, thus the cost of oak is equivalent to its benefits. In other words, it is reasonable to say that the high cost of the material justifies by numerous advantages. As a manufacture, we offer oak beams at reasonable prices without extra cost in the Kyiv area.

We provide high-quality products with a pleasant bonus in the form of affordable cost for wholesale and retail customers. We can deliver the order in agreed volume by our own transport facilities around Kyiv, also we could deliver goods with the help of a transportation company around Ukraine. Pickup service is available in our warehouse during business hours. In case if you require consultation regarding the oak beam product we are happy to announce that our representatives would be glad to help you. In order to get help or place an order, please contact us by the contact phone number or by feedback form.

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