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The planed board is in high demand product. Universal material processed from all sides on high-precision and high-quality equipment, as a result, we get smooth, geometric lumber, which are used in many areas. Due to the drying chamber treatment, the humidity of the board does not exceed 15%, thus the material gains strength, wear-resistance, and low weight.

A planed board is a multifunctional material, dry product is used for the construction of fences, arbors, saunas, facade cladding, false beams manufacturing, furniture,  living room decorative elements, end sewing of terraces, etc. The product is also notable for its low price and wide range of dimensions.

The planed board advantages

  • Eco-friendly
  • Multifunctional
  • Aesthetic outward
  • Wear resistance
  • Long lifetime

We use high-quality raw materials extracted in Ukrainian forests for board manufacturing. The smooth surface allows the use of lumber for interior and exterior house decoration.

Regardless of the wood type, dry edged boards have the highest quality due to the durableness, reliableness, and practicalness. Careful drying and impregnation treatment with special mixtures make the product universal. We can use it in any field: from household to an industrial area. The low cost of a planed board allows you to buy the material in the required quantity, without stopping the construction process.

The planed board types

There are two types of clean boards if you will be lucky to choose the right one you will get a fruitful outcome in terms of quality and aesthetic indicators.

Material is divided by the following classes:

  1. Edged board with a perfectly smooth, even surface, without roughness and waviness
  2. Planed board with a flat surface formed by sawdust, without a smooth plane

We select the material depending on the field use.  The first type is suitable for decorative purposes where aesthetic outward is important. We use the second type in construction works, where aesthetics are not in the foreground.

The planed board: Grade dividing

Material cost directly depends on it grade.

There are four grades of material: Highest quality grade – 1,2,3, and 4.

The highest grade is the best material type used in those areas where the outward of the board is important.

(No knots, traces of rot, cracks and the effects of insect pests.) The highest grade is the most expensive type of material. The first grade of edged dry board may have a few knots,  in other characteristics, the material corresponds to the highest grade.

The second grade may have small areas affected by insects, drop and no drop knots.

We can use this type in the construction industry for the construction of supports, roofs, frames, etc. The third grade has poor quality and low cost. The third-grade product can be used as a consumable or temporary use material.

Under proper conditions, wood provides excellent, lasting performance. However, it also faces several potential threats to service life, including fungal activity and insect damage – which can be avoided in numerous way.

Three reasons to place planed board order in UAWP company

We are manufacturers thus we guarantee brilliant quality of the goods. Edged lumber production and drying is controlled by professional and competent group of specialists. The sawdust stages correspond to the GOST norms and standards.

Our customers receive the following benefits:

  • High-quality service, professional and competent assistance with ongoing information support on every stage of cooperation
  • Affordable cost without extra charges, special offers, promotions, bonuses and flexible discounts for wholesale buyers
  • Delivery service in the Kyiv area as well as the whole Ukraine. Pickup service from the warehouse is available during the business hours.

"Ukragrolesopererabotka" LLC is ready to fulfill an individual wholesale order for certain parameters.

Contact the company manager to check out what available in stock and get a quotation. Fulfill the contact form on the website or contact us with the contact phone number.

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