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The sawn timber is a demanded building material around Ukraine. Sawn timber has high rates of strength, reliability, wear-resistance, and durability. Wood products are ecologically friendly and natural materials, it brings not only high physical and mechanical characteristics but also a lot of health benefits. Green building minimizes the impact or "environmental footprint" of a building. Wood is a major building material that is renewable and replenishable in a continuous cycle.

Type of Lumber Dimensions Retail cost
The Bar (Pine and technical raw materials) 50*100, 50*150, 100*100, 100*150, 150*150, 100*200, 60*120 Contract price
The edged board 25-50 (width), 4; 4,5; 6 (length) Contract price
The edged board calibrated 25-50 (width), 4; 4,5; 6 (length) Contract price
Deadwood edged board 25-50 (width), 4; 4,5; 6 (length) Contract price
Half-edged board 25-50 (width), 4; 4,5; 6 (length) Contract price
Half-edge calibrated board 25-50 (width), 4; 4,5; 6 (length) Contract price
Joiner's board 25-50 (width), 4; 4,5; 6 (length) Contract price
Wooden beam (Pine)  From 30 to 50 in different combinations Contract price
Wooden batten  All dimensions are acceptable Contract price
Floor board All dimensions are acceptable Contract price
Pellets All dimensions are acceptable Contract price
Wooden lining  All dimensions are acceptable Contract price
Block house All dimensions are acceptable Contract price
Euro pallet blank (details) All dimensions are acceptable Contract price

Despite the quality characteristics clients are interested in the price range. Lumber cost depends on several factors such as wood species, type of treatment, moisture level, the dimension of product and grade. We offer wood products with a democratical price range. Because of the independent execution of the entire cycle of work we have formed a loyal final cost for our clients.

Низкая цена на производство пиломатериалов

Due to our own facilities, we carry out cutting, transportation, harvesting, processing, drying, and preparation sawn timber for the sale, it allows us to work without intermediaries and form a beneficial price for raw materials.

There are three ways of purchasing lumber goods at an affordable cost

It is crucial to decide on wood type, grade, specie and quantity of material before order placement.

The final cost usually affected by wood treatment, value and specie rarity in the territory of Ukraine.

Wood products are graded by grade, thus there are the highest quality requirements to the « Extra » grade, in other words, «A» class. The above grade characterizes with a complete absence of such defects as knots, cracks, bluestain, and insect effects. During the formation of the «Extra» grade a large percentage of the waste is generated, which significantly increases the cost of production, consequently, the price of «Extra» grade will be higher, but at the same time, the material will present excellent quality characteristics.

There are also B,C, and AB, BC grades.

In order to buy lumber at an affordable price, you must:

1. Decide on the type of lumber.

C grade is the cheapest option that works for auxiliary works.

Go for «Extra» grade or A – AB classes for internal, external cladding of facades and walls, as well as for the formation of basic structures.

2. Decide on moisture level.

The price depends on moisture level, thus the drier material is more expensive. In the case of construct load-bearing structures, it is recommended to buy materials with a moisture content of up to 10-12%. In the case of other works, it is recommended to buy less expensive material with higher humidity.

3. Decide on the wood species.

It is crucial to choose wood species under the type of construction. We recommend using oak material in case of floor laying. For other works, a cheaper material, such as pine, is suitable.

Follow the manufacturer's recommendations to buy lumber at a beneficial price.

Lumber at an affordable cost around Ukraine

We would like to recommend you to check UAWP price list on lumber products. We provide service in the heart of Kyiv as a whole as around Ukraine.

We could offer pick up service and address delivery by the company's freight transport in the Kyiv region and also we could work with client beneficial freight companies around Ukraine.

Kyiv clients benefit from collaboration with UAWP in several ways:

  • High-quality goods in accordance with the requested grade.
  • Exact order weight.
  • Professional wood processing and drying service.
  • Reasonable cost

We are welcome you to be our client and get a set of benefits from the manufacturer.

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