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Unedged board (fence board) is popular and irreplaceable construction material. Unedged board is highly used in the construction of supporting structures, roofing, and roughing works. Material, unlike the edged board, is used in case of no strict design requirements. This material does not require additional processing, therefore its price is much lower.

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Price, UAN

      Length - 4.5 м Length - 6.0 м.
1 м3 25 мм. Contract price Contract price
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The company LLC "Ukragrolesopererabotka" produces all its products, including sawn building materials, from high-quality wood. We sell goods wholesale and retail at the best prices from the manufacturer. The use of boards with rough edges during construction will significantly reduce the overall cost of building erecting, while the final quality of the buildings will not suffer at all, and the budget will be significantly reduced. Unedged board in its original form is used for tables, table tops, window sills, benches and decor

Unedged board (fence board) in use

Unsawed UAWP constructruction materials are made from hardwood and coniferous wood. Due to the pitches in coniferous species, boards gain strength, moisture resistance and can withstand heavy loads. The high pitches concentration provides lumber with additional durability.


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Due to the basic characteristics, unsawed board products do not differ from edged boards, because of the same level of strength, moisture resistance and the percentage of permissible defects. Unedged products are highly used in different types of construction works as well as refining the exterior or interior of country cottages and exclusive furniture making. Product is also used in roof installation, rough construction, temporary structures construction and scaffolding construction works.

Unedged board (fence board) cost

UAWP managers provide our clients with competent assistance and outgoing information support during the cooperation. We offer a reasonable price range, thus your purchase would be cost-effective. Unedged boards from 4 to 5 cm thick are often used in order to create strong and durable structures, in such cases, the length varies from three to six meters. There is a wide range of unedged boards in UAWP stock, all types and parameters of material are available. If you require any further information, please fulfill the feedback form in our online store and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Cost-effective and prompt unedged boards purchase in UAWP store

"Ukragrolesopererabotka "  LLC harvests environmentally friendly wood of coniferous and deciduous varieties.

  • Moisture content vary from 12% to 25%.
  • We use only mature trees in our production, that meet all GOST standards.
  • We use reliable imported multi saw machines.
  • Modern drying chambers complex.
    Unedged boards receive additional strength and durability after drying.
  • Strong and reliable packaging that protects your orders during transportation.
  • We sell unedged boards wholesale and retail. Orders are formed and sent within one day.
  • We provide our clients with prompt delivery service around Ukraine
  • Pickup service is available during business hours
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