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The calibrated bar is a raw material sorted by dimension, diameter and production technology, made from any kind of wood. This type of lumber is a perfect deal for houses construction, gazebos, and other low buildings, where geometry and shapes are a significant factor.

Качественный калиброванный брус

Constructions made with a help of calibrated bar are lightweight, which obviously saves the cost and complexity of the foundation. The main calibrated bar characteristic lays in the method of its manufacture and processing.

As a raw material, we take an ordinary beam which passes through a four-sided machine, in the result, we receive perfect flat surface of the required diameter and size lumber. It is time-efficient because it excludes the need for the additional refinement of the material at the construction site.

Building construction with the help of a calibrated bar can take place at any time of the year and in any weather. The material tolerates different temperature extremes, cold, heat and is resistant to humidity. The equal dimensions of each lumber save time at work since it is unnecessary to select the dimensions for laying.

We could use the lumber for the exterior, and interior works. With exterior works, moisture content should not exceed 15, and in case of interior works, moisture content should not exceed 12. It is important to stress out that correct processing excludes decay and damage by fungi, which beneficially affects the period of its operation.

Production stages and calibrated bar cost

The calibration bar quality directly depends on correct manufacture execution.

The calibration bar manufacture process includes:

  1. We are passing harvested logs through a milling machine
  2. Under the GOST, we check the defects,  damage by fungus and insects; presents
  3. Drying of selected calibrated bars in drying chambers or naturally for at least three months (depends on the required humidity);
  4. Finish products stored in the warehouses under wood storage standards.

The calibrated beam made by our company is a preparation of the profiled product. Strict control over the manufacturing process provides the high-quality goods guarantee and the absence of deviations in the size.

High-quality calibration bar for sale from Ukrainian manufacturer

UAWP company offers wholesale and retail high-quality calibration bar at manufacturer cost. We provide high-quality material without extra charges. Our company, produce material under the order request in any volume and quantity.

We produce lumber in the Kyiv region with a delivery service around Ukraine with the help of company transport facilities. Pickup service is available at the warehouse during business hours.

We provide competent help in goods selection, we will familiarize you with the assortment, types, grades and wood species under peculiar qualities of construction and client budget. Our company offers high-quality service and fruitful partnership.

Place a calibration bar order in our company and get a set of advantages of high-quality, natural and ecologically friendly material. Green building minimizes the impact or "environmental footprint" of a building. Wood is a major building material that is renewable and replenishable in a continuous cycle.

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