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A wooden fence is the best element for decorating a suburban area or a house in the private sector. We offer a wide range and variation of material that will allow you to choose the optimal design that will perfectly fit into the exterior.

Wooden fencing is an environmentally friendly material that is characterized by high strength and elegance. Before selling the material, we carefully treat the wood with an antiseptic and other special mixtures, to increase the lifelong of the product. Under proper conditions, wood provides excellent, lasting performance.

We make the wooden fence of planed boards 8.5–15.5 cm wide, 1.9–2.1 cm thick, 2 mm high or 5–10 cm timber. The moisture content does not exceed 21%, thereby material is strength and precipitation resistance. We carry fastening using nails coated with zinc.

Before buying a wooden fence, we highly recommend you to decide on the fence purpose because the type and design of the product will depend on your choice. The wooden fence could carry protection function, dust and wind defense, or a decorative function.

Types, styles and design of wooden fences

The selected wood species affects the style and outward of the product. Each species has its own color, structure and natural pattern. Due to the all above, you can vary the styles:

  • Classic canvas from downed boards;
  • The "chess" style;
  • The horizontal and vertical arrangement of boards;
  • Decorative placement of elements from another species;
  • Art modern, high-tech, Japanese and others.

Oak, ash, alder, pine, aspen and birch are used for fence and its elements manufacturing. The price of the fence depends on the type of wood. Dimensions also affect the cost: the longer the length and height of the elements, the more expensive the order will cost.

Wooden fence: four product advantages

Wooden fences can perform a decorative and protective function at the same time. We achieve the effect due to the following advantages:

  1. The material is ultraviolet resistant, which means it does not heat up in the sun. It is impossible to get burn with a touch on the fence.
  2. Simple installation and repairmen. Damaged items can easily be removed and exchanged for new ones, which means there is no need to dismantle the entire structure.
  3. A wide range of design selections.

The fence may contain ornament and pattern, carving, decor and other elements;

  1. Wooden fences can have inserts made of metal, stone or brick, as we could combine wood with any material.

With regular and quality care, a wooden fence can serve for decades. Coat the fence with varnish and antiseptics at least once every two years, do not forget that timely care will preserve the aesthetics and attractiveness of the product.

Wooden fence cost

The cost of the material depends on the type of wood and the dimensions of the product. The standard fence height is 2 meters, but we can change the height at the client request. The price also depends on the wood species, thereby valuable trees cost more. For example, an oak fence is more durable, less likely to need maintenance, therefore it is considered the most expensive type of the material. Pine products require maintenance at least once a year, the material has high humidity and lower quality unlike solid rocks, which affects the cost of the material. The consumption and quantity of lumber depend on the selected pattern and decor.

We recommend you to calculate the required amount of material before placing an order and buy boards with a stockpile.

Company managers will be glad to offer you the best option and help you calculate the material consumption based on your budget and individual needs. We provide a flexible discount system for bulk purchases.

To purchase a wooden fence with a delivery service or pickup option

We sell high-quality wooden fences. Competent specialists control the entire production line: from the log cabin to the sales. 

Our products undergo careful selection, due to which each batch corresponds to a certain grade of quality. Our company offers a wooden fence at the manufacturer cost, which provides our clients with many benefits. We sell the material without intermediary margins at an affordable cost.

You can order wholesale and retail by contacting us by phone or using the online store. We provide our clients with a prompt delivery service in the Kyiv region by using the company's freight transport. We also deliver to goods around Ukraine by using a customer-friendly shipping company's service.

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