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We make the terrace board of solid wood, used as a floor covering for open areas: for example, a summer terrace, an open balcony, a winter garden, a gazebo, etc. We make the product of pine and larch, as these three species have high wear resistance, strength, and lifelong service. Under proper conditions, wood provides excellent, lasting performance.

The terrace board is a universal material, the board serves perfectly indoors and outdoors spaces. The terrace board provides owners with comfort, the material saturates the air with a coniferous smell; the board is pleasant to the touch and makes the atmosphere cozy and aesthetically attractive.

The particular qualities of the terrace board production

Angarsk pine and Siberian larch are the most developed in the terrace board production. The main particular manufacturing quality is the processing of raw materials. After cutting, we cover the board with special protective mixtures and oils so that the material can be weather and precipitation resistance.

Despite the above, the terrace board requires maintenance, thereby do not forget to cover the surface with oil or varnish once a year. Open space lumber differs from ordinary lumber in the presence of velveteen and small teeth on the front side, which serves as a safety function for humans, thereby even after rain or fog the surface is not slippery, it is impossible to slip on it.

Terrace board cost

The cost of the material has a wide price range namely from several hundred hryvnias to a couple of thousand per square meter. The terrace board cost depends on the quality and type of wood, its rarity, grade, natural pattern, color, etc. Qualitative characteristics also affect the cost of lumber. We offer our clients to check out our online store catalog with a wide assortment of a terrace board.

We offer a high-quality product at the manufacturer's cost. We provide regular customers with a flexible bonus programs and discounts.

Terrace board advantages

Modern production equipment in combination with advanced technical and scientific developments make it possible to produce a material with unique technical characteristics:

  • High strength qualities
  • High stamina qualities
  • Moisture and ultraviolet resistant qualities 
  • Heave loads support
  • Mechanical stress-resistance qualities

All stages of production are carefully controlled by the professional and competent masters, we produce the products under the GOST norms and standards, thereby we can guarantee high-quality products to our customers.

Terrace board in Kiev region with delivery in Ukraine

Order lumber at UAWP and enjoy all the benefits of working with a manufacturer. Our team provides professional assistance in the material selection for a particular installation site in a profitable combination of cost and quality. We process your order immediately right after you request. We provide our customers with a prompt delivery service in the Kyiv region by company transport. We carry delivery service around Ukraine with the help of reliable shipping companies. Pickup service is available as well during the business hours.

Compliance with international norms and standards in combination with high-tech production equipment and professionalism of our team allow us to sell high-quality products to our customers in Kyiv at a reasonable cost.

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