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50x50 mm. is considered in-demand section size of a wooden bar. Product length from 3 to 6 meters. Material is made from coniferous (cedar, spruce, fir, and pine) and deciduous (oak, ash, aspen, birch) wood species.

We use a product of this size in the construction and manufacture of furniture. We use the material in rafters, frames, lathing, also build baths, saunas building. Besides, we use product in finishing works as an interior solution.

The main advantage of 50x50 is high density, wich means a, good strength. The material is environmentally friendly, lightweight, keeps moisture and has a long lifespan. Another crucial product advantage is its low cost. Due to the wide distribution of forests in the territory of Ukraine, arrays are mined and processed without the technological equipment downtime, consequently, the product price is not high.

Wooden bar 50 x 50 cost

Depending on the construction use, several types of bar production are shared. Ukragrolesopererabotka LLC produces two types of lumber:

  • Dry planed
  • Original edged

The edged material has a natural moisture content that does not exceed 18%. The dry product is dried in special drying chambers, thus, the moisture content of wood does not exceed 10%.

We use dry material in the furniture manufacture and interior construction works. We often use the product of natural humidity for building structures, crates and the erection of load-bearing structures.

The cost of the material depends on the type and length of the product. The dry wooden bar is more expensive than a high moisture content bar. UAWP customers can choose cost-effective deals for their construction works.  We do not deal with intermediary service, thereby we offer flexible discounts and bonuses to our clients.

50x50 wooden bar in UAWP: clients benefits

Our clients gain the following benefits:

  • Wide range of materials assortment  at manufacturer cost
  • Professional and competent assistance in product selection
  • Delivery service in the Kyiv region and the whole of Ukraine. Pickup service during the business hour.

Due to the strict quality control at all stages of bar production, starting from tree felling and ending with pre-sale assessment, the availability of modern equipment and compliance with GOST standards and norms, we can guarantee the highest quality of the material. Place a 50x50 wooden bar order in UAWP company and gain multiple benefits from the manufacturer.

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