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Wooden bar made differs in qualitative characteristics, therefore it widely applies in the construction industry. The bar is characterized by lightness, durability, strength, and simple installation. The positive qualities also include a low percentage of thermal conductivity and a coefficient of thermal expansion.

The modern construction market offers a wide range of assortment with various dimensions and quality characteristics. 30x40 mm is in demand product used as finishing and auxiliary material. Wooden bar in dimension of 30x40 is inexpensive but at the same time has high-quality characteristics. We make a wooden bar in the dimension of 30x40 mm of coniferous and deciduous species, which has strength and low price, which makes it popular in the Ukrainian market.

Wooden bar 30x40 advantages and cost

We dry small wooden bars in production drying chambers, due to the process the material gains durability and strength.

The main purpose of the beam in the dimension of 3 by 4 centimeters is:

  • The weight distribution of the structure
  • Support and resistance to physical and mechanical stress
  • Simplification of the construction process

The material has become widespread and necessary in various fields because of the flawless performance of its functions, also material is in demand due to the affordable cost. Due to the lack of problems with logging and simple processing, raw materials have an affordable cost, the price of a wooden bar in the dimension of  30 by 40 mm remains acceptable to every social group.

Particular qualities of wooden board 30 by 40 manufacture in Kyiv region

The wooden board is a 3 meters long product. The product is made by sawing in a sawmill and sawdust on four sides.  We use raw materials with small, and medium diameters for wooden board manufacture. Regardless of the purpose and field of use, we deliver lumber to the market planed and dry. Humidity does not exceed 15%, which allows the bar to perform its functions perfectly.

The  UkragrolesopererabotkaLLC company sells bars in a dimension of 3 by 4 cm. at manufacturer cost, we guarantee high-quality products and professional assistant. We provide our clients with prompt delivery service in the Kyiv region by company transportation facilities, we also offer a delivery service around Ukraine with the help of reliable shipping companies. Pickup service available as well during the business hours. Place a wooden board order and we will ensure you with high-quality goods and professional service.

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