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Wooden batten is a planed rectangular strip in 2-4 meters long, made from a solid bar of wood. Before selling, we sand the material on four sides and varnish it to give an attractive outward and improve quality characteristics.



Dimensions, mm*mm

Price, UAN

Pine 1 20*40 Contract cost
Pine 1 25*50 Contract cost
Pine 2 25*50 Contract cost

We make the product of coniferous wood species, namely pine or spruce. Pine species are easier to process, impregnate and cover, due to the all above the wooden batten gains softness and strength. Wooden batten is a natural and environmentally friendly product with long-term service. Wooden batten is a universal material, as it is used in carpentry, construction and other fields.

Wooden batten particular qualities and field of use

At the beginning of production, we set a goal - the creation of a durable and easy to installation material. Therefore, the wooden batten is used not only in construction works but also in many other fields, namely frames building, external and internal walls are tiling, floor laying, partitions and decorative elements creating. 

Due to the unique cross-sectional, stability, reliability, harmony and attractiveness, the material is used in the assembly of furniture, the manufacture of fittings, windows, roofs and auxiliary draft structures. The attractive outward of the product allows its use in interior finishing works, giving the room originality and aesthetics.

Five main advantages of wooden batten

The modern production of Ukragrolesopererabotka LLC allows achieving several following advantages:

  • Exact geometry is sustained by which designs are easily mounted
  • High-quality drying. Moisture content up to 10% guarantees over 40 years of service after assembly.
  • Lightweight material makes the weight of the mounted construction lighter.
  • Aesthetic outward. Dry wooden batten do not change color.
  • Aesthetic outward. Dry wooden batten do not change color.
  • Environmentally friendly and natural product.  High-temperature processing prevents the development of mold, mildew.

Wooden batten cost

The main advantage of the product is its low cost in the Kyiv region, thus a high-grade product cost does not exceed 15 UAH per linear meter. The unit cost ranges from 2 to 10 UAH per meter linear and depends on the dimension, wood quality, knots, the quality of the coating, moisture content level, processing, etc.

UAWP is committed to producing and delivering a quality product and take steps to ensure standards are consistently met. All lumber is graded in compliance with the GOST norms and standards. We extract raw materials in dry, ecologically clean forest areas, which allows guaranteeing high product quality. Check out the material cost in our online store. The price provided does not include intermediary service and other extra charges, that allows our clients to purchase inexpensive wooden batten in retail with a maximum financial benefit.

Advantages of purchasing a wooden batten at UAWP Company

  • As a manufacturer company, we offer a list of collaboration advantages:
    A wide range of finished product implementation; production of goods under individual requests: quantity, dimensions, shape, selected wood, and species.
  • A wide range of options allows our clients to purchase several types of wooden batten for arranging house elements.
  • We offer a delivery service in the Kyiv area with our own transport facilities, and we are also open to working with shipping companies to deliver goods around Ukraine.  Pickup from the company's warehouse available during the business hours.
  • Professional and prompt information assistance. We process the order from the day you contact our company.
  • The most affordable cost in the Kyiv area.  A flexible discount system and promotions are available.

Place an order and get high-quality goods at a reasonable cost. Enjoy cost-effective and fruitful cooperation with a manufacturer.

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