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Bar imitation is a novel construction material on the Ukrainian market. Material becoming highly popular among construction companies and private craftsmen. Bar imitation is a product with a pattern of sawing wood, imitating the walls of the bar.

The false bar is made from boards processed on both sides, connected by tongues and grooves. Bar imitation is a unique and universal material, which is suitable for house walls decorating built of stone, concrete, brick, and wood. Also, the material is often used for external wall cladding, because its help to create the illusion of a built house from a solid variety of wood is created.

Length Width Thickness Retail cost  Stock Availability
4,0 - 4,5 м 0,140 м 0,020 м Contract price Available in stock
4,0 - 4,5 м 0,140 м 0,025 м Contract price Available in stock
4,0 - 4,5 м 0,185 м 0,030 м Contract price Available in stock
3,0 - 4,5 м 0,105 м 0,015 м Contract price Available in stock
3,0 - 4,5 м 0,135 м 0,020 м Contract price Available in stock

For the manufacture of the product used coniferous material (cedar, pine, spruce, larch, and alder). The presence of resin in the wood makes the raised beam durable and strong.

Bar imitation cost

Consumers are attracted by bar imitation quality as well as easy installation and environmental friendliness. The main advantage of bar imitation is a low cost.

You can purchase bar imitation products in the UAWP online store in the price range from 120 to 200 UAH per sq.m. Material cost directly depends on the dimensions, thickness, and type of wood. Bar imitation from a thermoset is in high demand.

When ordering lumber in our company, the client receives prices from the manufacturer. Clients of the company will be able to save on bulk purchase due to the low cost of the material.

Bar imitation in use

The material is highly used in the facade exterior decoration and interior work. Material is quit unique due to the of reliable interaction with many building materials that used in the construction of the house, including:

  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Foam block
  • Frame construction
  • Solid wood etc

Wide bar imitation is used to speed up the process of exterior finishing work, also wide board give solid and respectable look. The narrow bar imitation (up to 14.6 cm) is highly used in interior decoration of walls and ceilings, thus sheathing with a material with a size above visually enlarge the room, endowing it with warmth, comfort and a pleasant coniferous smell. The material is used for cladding, loggias, balconies and other utility rooms.

Four benefits of larch pine and cedar bar imitation:

  1. Ease of installation due to the groove-ridge system, which provides snug fit boards without gaps.
  2. Safety. Bar imitation is made from environmentally friendly raw materials with air exchange what creates a moderately humid indoor climate, thus it does not get rot and prevents microbes, fungus development.
  3. Similarity with bar and low cost allow to save expenses.
  4. Material is resistant to ultraviolet and weather, moreover, due to heat treatment and drying from 15% wood moisture, it does not crack or turn blue.

To make a purchase of bar imitation un UAWP Company: benefits for clients

UAWP company produces wide range of bar imitation materials with different species of coniferous wood. Due to the reach assortment line, our customers are able to purchase the required amount of material in the specific color and dimension.

Also, we offers to check out bar imitation in wooden lining and block-house as an alternative. UAWP company sells high quality materials with competitive cost that meet the requirements of GOST. Contact UAWP managers and get competent advice on material selections. We provide our customers with warehouse pick up service as well as freight companies delivery around the Ukraine.

We offer a wide range of bar imitation at reasonable cost from the manufacturer, without extra charges and the ability to order material in bulk with delivery around Ukraine, which makes our company profitable and convenient cooperation choice.

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