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Оперативная трелевка леса

"Ukragrolesopererabotka" LLC provides wood skidding service.

We work with powerful lifting equipment.

Our company transport round logs, wood frames, timber, logs, etc.

The nature of the wood skidding is determined by the characteristics of the cargo. The company can transport timber in a half-suspended, semi-submerged, suspended and submerged position.

Wood skidding is the most important forest preparation process.

The share of all work accounts for up to 30% of labor costs. Therefore, if you want to save time, please place an order in our company. We ensure high quality and positive outcome.

A group of competent professionals craftsmen will quickly assemble the timber product and transport it to the loading platform.

Wood skidding cost in the territory of Ukraine

Wood skidding cost depends on several factors such as the kind of wood skidding, the quantity of the distance between the sawmill and the loading platform, travel time and scope of work. We provide woods skidding  in the following ways:

  • Transportation of wood with whole trees;
  • Skidding of whips;
  • Assorted transportation of timber to the place of loading.

The process is held by a specially equipped skidder. Freight transport is highly cross-country, due to this factor, the tractor provides efficient work in any forest area with overcoming obstacles in the form of deadwood, stumps, bumps, marshy terrain, boulders, deep puddles, etc.

Please take into account, we provide this service to legal entities and individuals without requiring any documents.

Prompt and low cost wood skidding \ Prompt and profitable wood skidding

Becoming our customer, you give preference to high-quality service.  We offer reasonable cost and professional service to our clients.  We carry logs transportation out by a competent team, what allows to carry out the workflow smoothly, without force majeure cases.

Order a wood skidding service in our company and we will provide you with a complex individual approach, high-quality service and prompt solution of business issues.

Get expert help. Contact us by contact phone number or Please, complete all fields and we will soon contact you.

Our managers will contact you and answer questions, also in case if it necessary, our team will calculate the amount of work, announcing the approximate cost of the service.

Call us and make sure that UAWP is a responsible and trustworthy partner.

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