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Edged board is popular constructional timber. Material is sawn from a log with smooth two or four sides. Depending on the purpose of the edged boards, they may have bark on the back. The product is widely popular in construction and has a wide range of use in house constructions and Interior decorations.

The board is used for in the frame, fences and supporting structures, ceilings, floors construction, roofs and rough works. The board is used for the construction of the frame, fences and supporting structures, ceilings, floors, roofs and rough works.

Edged board coast

We offer an edged board at contract cost. The cost usually depends on many factors such as the tree species and the material field of use. Thus we can offer cost-effective types of wood. Moisture content also affects the cost, thereby the material with low moisture content is more expensive. Another factor that affects the cost is a grade, grade depends on quality characteristics, for example, the more knots per linear meter, the lower the grade. There are 1-4 grade levels you can choose from. UAWP company offers an edged board at manufacturer cost without extra charges in the Kyiv area. We produce a wide range of goods in classic dimensions and provide the opportunity to place an order under the individual sizes.

The main edged board types and characteristics

Материал отличается степенью влажности и сортом. По степени влажности предлагается купить в Киеве сухую обрезную доску менее 23% влажности, сырую – свыше 23% и сырую антисептированную обрезную. По типу:

Product length Product width Product thickness
4,0 - 4,5 м 0,140 м 0,020 м
4,0 - 4,5 м 0,140 м 0,025 м
4,0 - 4,5 м 0,185 м 0,030 м
3,0 - 4,5 м 0,105 м 0,015 м
3,0 - 4,5 м 0,135 м 0,020 м
  • The highest (or selected)  grade is used in machine and shipbuilding
  • The first grade is used in furniture, ship and automobile industry
  • The second grade is quite similar to the first grade, but in the case of a second grade lower quality material is used
  • The third grade is highly used in the construction sector and furniture manufacturing
  • The fourth grade is used in "improvised" means production

Coniferous (pine, spruce, larch), hard (hornbeam, oak, beech), soft (aspen and birch) are divided depending on the tree species.

How to choose the best deal board

The choice of material directly depends on its use-purpose and many additional factors thereby unedged board as a cheaper option is recommended for roof battens. It is recommended to use hardwood species with medium humidity for floors laying in buildings with high humidity (Example: baths, saunas)

It is recommended to use high-quality boards (First grade) in construction and interior finishing works, thereby you can avoid knots that lower the strength abilities. Please contact our managers and we will provide you with competent assistance under your individual needs.

Board from the manufacturer: Five advantages

Our clients obtain several advantages:

  • We sell the material wholesale and retail. We also work with individual orders.
  • Due to the wide range of materials our customers can purchase different types of finishes for construction.
  • Delivery service around Ukraine with a help of company transport facilities.
    Pick-up service from the warehouse is available during the business hours.
  • Affordable cost from the manufacturer
  • Competent manager assistance and outgoing support during the cooperation
  • Professional production stages control
  • GOST standards compliance
  • Drying the material in one temperature mode guarantees high quality edged boards

Place an order and enjoy the benefits of cooperation with UAWP company.

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