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Lumber is a type of wood that has been processed into beams and planks, a stage in the process of wood production. Lumber is mainly used for structural purposes but has many other uses as well. We get lumber due to the harvested wood cutting. Material is highly used in decoration, construction, and multiple decorative purposes. In the age of artificial things and many wood alternatives Ukrainian lumber remains popular. The demand is driven by the wood reliability, durability, and eco-friendliness, which is always relevant for humans, what is more, lumber cost range is lower than the cost of other types of building materials used in construction and other fields. Wood occupies a key niche in construction sector.

The materials that were obtained by processing wood are characterized by durability, ease of installation and practicality. Lumber has natural attractive outward, material capable of giving aesthetics and uniqueness to the interior and exterior of a building. We are using lumber in Kiev and Ukraine as the main material for the interior, the product serves as an excellent decorative element, observing the optimal temperature regime at any time of the year. Pine is most often used for the manufacture of materials, since this tree species is most common in Ukrainian forests. UAWP, a manufacturer of lumber in Zhitomir area, has significantly expanded its range of goods, offering direct customers a wide selection of products from oak, hornbeam, ash, birch, cherry, merry and other rare species of wood.

Types of lumber

Depending on the sawdust method,  lumber is divided into two categories, namely - main and additional categories. The main type includes:

  • Beam - lumber with a thickness of more than 10 centimeters. This type of lumber highly used in construction, furniture manufacturing and industrial packaging;
  • Bar - is material similar to beam with identical applications. The main differences are in size. The thickness of the bars does not exceed 10 centimeters;
  • Board - material with a thickness of not over 10 centimeters. Highly used in construction to create a frame, roofing substrate, flooring, also used in furniture and industrial production, as well as in the production of cars and shipbuilding;
  • Wooden batten - derivative of a board or bar. Lumber with a thickness of not more than 3 centimeters. It is used for mounting purposes for fixing building materials.

The main types of lumber are divided into subspecies according to the size and method of sawdust (edged, unedged, partially edged). In the manufacture of materials there is a separate direction - the production of crosstie. Products can be edged or unedged and are used for laying railway rails and as supporting supports for heavy and large buildings.

Lumber sale by grade

Individual pieces of lumber exhibit a wide range in quality and appearance with respect to knots, slope of grain, shakes and other natural characteristics. Therefore, they vary considerably in strength, utility, and value.
Ukrainian lumber is classified by the grade quality system as well. The main permissible grades are specified in GOST.

But for the average user, the information provided is quite difficult to understand. Therefore, several types of products have settled in the lumber sale:

  • the highest, the first grade (A),
  • the second grade (B)
  • the third grade (C).

Also, at the time of purchase lumber in Zhytomyr, Kyiv or Ukraine, you can meet a combination of different grading system varieties, for example, AB or AC. The grade of material depends on the quality characteristics, thereby the more defects in a product - the lower its grade.

We use the high grades materials for furniture manufacture and building construction works. Depending on the purposes, the moisture content of the product is determined. For example, furniture requires lumber with minimal humidity (up to 10%), for construction - more humidity (15% and higher).

Lower-grade lumber can also be used in construction for decoration, for example, internal (material with knots looks aesthetically pleasing in the interior). We use products of the third grade for manufacturing containers and temporary structures. For example, scaffolding, partitions at the time of construction, etc.

Stages and Ukrainian manufacturing techniques

The lumber products are made by sawing a whole tree trunk. Regardless of the type of product, determined solely by the method of sawing, the stages of preparation are the same:

  • Wood harvesting (wood felling and delivery to the sawmill);
  • Raw materials drying (mechanical or chamber drying). The percentage of moisture content depends on the specific wood species and the type of material planned to be obtained after sawing;
  • Warming wood if necessary, if it is frozen, for convenient removal of bark;
  • Sawing logs with the help of production machines, cutting material and trimming;
  • Additional processing of finished lumber products with special protective agents to avoid the appearance of fungus, mold and pests;
  • Sorting materials under the GOST norms and standards and stacking for storage.

All stages of the wood manufacturing occur with the help of special high-tech equipment with minimal human effort. This allows the lumber manufacturer to get the exact dimensions and parameters necessary to meet the needs of the end customer.

Lumber cost

The cost of Ukrainian lumber depends on the type of the material, grade, dimensions, and treatment of the product.

Product prices are indicated in cubic meters, therefore in the process of calculating the required amount of material, the expendable volume and dimensions of the material should be taken into account.

Nowadays, customers are offered to buy lumber in large intermediary stores, while significant cost savings come from direct purchasing from the manufacturer. Most companies that produce lumber, perform a full cycle of works, without overpricing the final cost of the product. That is why it is more profitable to buy lumber from the manufacturer, getting high-quality products at an objective cost.

We have a consistent and reliable business model that's based on efficiency and unwavering attention to cost management. We reinvest in our operations to ensure our committed staff has the right resources to compete and win in a challenging industry.

Lumber purchase with a delivery around Ukraine

Speed ​​in the modern world solves everything. A whole team of managers, working to ensure that from your order to delivery will be as little time as possible without losing quality. UAWP Company offers high-quality goods at reasonable cost.

We also offers wide range of materials, namely:

  • boards, beams and bars, wooden batten, terrace boards, wall panel, block houses,
  • baseboards and derivatives thereof: fences, blanks for euro pallets, doors, accessories and much more.

UAWP operates modern, efficient facilities in the Zhytomyr region, despite our location, we deliver orders in any quantity, including wholesale, throughout Ukraine. The company also exports materials abroad.

UAWP Company performs a full cycle of lumber production - from tree felling and transportation to the sawmill with our own facilities to sawing, drying and further sale to end customers. This allows the company to control product costs by offering high-quality lumber at reasonable prices. Purchasing lumber in UAWP Company, and get all the advantages inherent in cooperation with the manufacturer!