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Unedged board is material with not sawn and not cleared from bark edges. The product is made by sawing in one pass with the help of a sawmill. This is a common type of material for construction roughing.

The main difference between an unedged oak board from similar raw materials products is the possibility of its use as an internal finishing material. Due to the noble color and pattern, unedged oak boards can become part of a stylized interior in bars, restaurants, and cafes. 

"Ukragrolesopererabotka" LLC  produces material of various sizes and sells at manufacturer cost, which allows customers to buy the required volume in bulk with great economical advantage.

Unedged oak board advantages

Solid oak is valued species all over the world, it considered as expensive high-quality material.

Unedged oak boards showed itself as reliable wood species, therefore unedged oak boards perform various tasks without losing their quality characteristics for decades.

The main advantages of unedged oak boards include:

  • High strength.  According to the Brinell scale, the hardness of oak lumber is 3.8 HB, which shows the highest strength. The product withstands high shock and supports loads.
  • Biological influences and humidity resistance. Oak boards withstand high humidity and adverse effects. Insects dislike oak massifs. Mold forms on the surface rarely.
  • High density. Unedged oak product is suitable for floor laying, frames building and roofing substrates.

The product is a mechanical stress-resistant. What is more, visual defects do not form on the material, thereby it looks aesthetically beautiful, you can decorate the interior of the premises, covered with a special varnish with a help of oak boards.

To buy an unedged oak board at low prices in Kiev

The UAWP company successfully operates in the lumber market, offering customers several benefits:

  • Reasonable cost without extra charge
  • Delivery service around Ukraine
  • Pickup service is available during business hours
  • Prompt order fulfillment
  • Discounts and special offers are available
  • Competent teamwork

Company managers will help you choose correct dimensions and product quantity under the construction volume.

We provide our clients with professional service and high-quality good confirmed by the certificates.

UAWP is committed to be a leader in the responsible stewardship of the environment and maintain forest certifications with internationally recognized standards for good forest management.

Forest certification is a voluntary tool that demonstrates UAWP wood products are sourced from sustainably managed forests. Third-party independent auditors verify that we have met high standards in key criteria. That includes the sustainable growing and harvesting of trees with the protection of habitat, wildlife, plants, water and soil quality and a wide range of other conservation goals.

Менеджеры компании помогут в выборе размеров и количества изделий в зависимости от объема строительства. Рассчитаем стоимость, предложим выгодные цены. Покупка пиломатериалов в «UAWP» - это низкие цены, высокий сервис и безупречное качество материалов, подтвержденных сертификатами.

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