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Edged dry board is a lumber product made from a dry trunk that has dried in natural way. Wood has an unusual structure. Due to the fact that the tree has dried naturally, there is no need to worry about the formation of the cracks during operation. Wood is available on the Ukrainian market due to the sanitary felling. Board is highly used as a finishing material. You can decorate the facade of a gazebo or a house with a board. Also, the material is widely used for interior decoration.

Due to the attractive outward and natural pattern in combination with pleasant smell, the board could effectively decorate any appartment, endowing it with warmth and comfort. Deadwood material belongs to the elite wood class. The tree in natural conditions has dried for centuries, which makes lumber more valuable.

Deadwood board advantages

Deadwood edged board is formed by the complete drying of the tree on the vine, such wood often has no bark, which makes the trunk the most attractive and durable. The array is popular in construction works due to the perfect moisture balance.

The deadwood board belongs to the purest material category, it gives an optimal amount of oxygen and humidity in apartments, thus creating a comfortable microclimate for life. Dry boards create a feel of the fresh forest.

There are following deadwood advantages:

  • The highest indicator of wear resistance due to the micropores
  • Resistant to parasites
  • No shrinkage, cracks, distortions
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • • No deformation under the environment influence

Natural drying of trees begins with the fall of bark and needles after 350-500 years, during this time, the trunk gains stone hardness and special silver color. The attractive color turns ordinary building material into a flawless and exclusive decoration product.

Dry board at manufacturer cost

"Ukragrolesopererabotka" LLC produces high-quality deadwood boards at manufacturer cost, without extra charges. We strictly control all stages of production and offer our clients durable, reliable material at an affordable cost.

You can place an order wholesale and retail by contacting our managers by contact phone numbers, or by filling out a callback form. We provide our clients with a pickup service, which means you can take your order away from the warehouse by yourself. We carry delivery service in Kyiv with the help of the company's personal freight transport. We provide shipping services around the whole of Ukraine with the help of reliable transportation. We produce high-quality lumber under the GOST standards; we control all stages of production and sell material that meets the product standards.

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