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We process floorboard lumber made from a massive piece of wood. In laying, the boards fit tightly to each other because of ridges and grooves, creating a flat and smooth surface without gaps. Due to the naturalness of the raw materials, the floorboard is characterized by aesthetics, durability, convenience, and durability.

Floorboard material creates an unusual, comfortable and pleasant interior indoors and is suitable for a private house and apartments in a multi-story building. Above all, the floorboards are hypoallergenic, deformation and high loads resistant, thereby it can be used in interior and exterior decoration, we also use the material for ceilings and partitions manufacture.

We are open to individual orders as well. We use coniferous and deciduous wood species for floorboards manufacturing. The most common wood species are pine, spruce, and oak. You can purchase floorboards with standard dimensions with a thickness of 2.5, 4 and 5 cm and a length of 3 and 6m or you can place an individual order.

Contact us if you are interested in floorboard purchasing of standard and individual dimensions and get several benefits from cooperation with the manufacturer: high-quality lumber that meets GOST norms and standards, professional service and affordable cos.

Key benefits of flooring

  • Optimal indoor climate support due to the absorption excess moisture function;
  • Wear resistance and preservation of attractive outward during operation;
  • High sound and heat insulation;
  • Simple installation due to a groove-comb fastening system;
  • The low moisture content - only 13%.

The floorboard does not wear out and does not lose aesthetics outward.

We produce lumber in a large dimension and so we save the cost on the large volumes purchases, also the large dimensions of the product during installation do not create many joints. Due to its naturalness, environmental friendliness, and professional processing, the floorboard can last over 80 years.

It is possible to extend the term of operation and preserve the appearance of the floorboard by coating the surface with a special varnish, oil or wax, which serves protection function against moisture, dirt, dust and saturate the surface with noble wood color.

Periodical processing of the flooring boards will extend the service of use to 100-150 years (depending on the wood species) and will delight the owners with an attractive outward, warmth and pleasant smell.

What affects the floorboard cost?

Floorboard cost directly depends on the wood species, grade, and dimension of the material. We make the floorboard from a wide assortment of wood species. Besides oak, pine, and spruce, we make floorboards from larch, ash, cedar, hornbeam, as well as beech and maple. Oak, cedar, larch, and beech are very strong and reliable wood species thereby its affect the cost.

If you are interested in cost-effective floorboard purchasing, we highly recommend you to take pine species into account. Pine is a common species of wood, which characterized by high strength, minimal deformation, pleasant smell, and beautiful outward texture.

However, it is crucial to understand that pine wood does not tolerate high moisture content, thereby it is necessary to impregnate surfaces with special water-repellent agents: oils, varnish or wax.

We sell a wide range of floorboards in the Kyiv region made of various wood species. A large selection of dimensions and wood types allows our customers to buy a floorboard at the best price. We carry the floorboard sale out without extra charges, which becomes a significant benefit for the company's customers in the form of cost-efficiency on bulk purchase.

Particular production qualities and floorboard delivery

All floorboards sold by our company go through the same production and technological cycle of harvesting and drying. Wood felling for manufacturing purposes is carried out in one sector, we process lumber on one machine, taking into account dimensional norms and standards. This allows us to guarantee a high-quality product that meets the stated dimensional criteria. UAWP Competent professionals strictly control all processes of drying, packaging, and storage. The entire floorboard has a moisture content that does not exceed 13%, we pack the material in shrink film and store on special pallets.

If you are willing to purchase a floorboard with economic benefits, please contact Ukragrolesopererabotka LLC,  we work in the capital's heart, in the suburbs, and throughout Ukraine. We provide prompt delivery service within a few days,  pickup service is available from the warehouse during the business hours. Check out our price list with relevant discount offers and up-to-date prices. We offer a flexible bonus system and discounts for regular customers.

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