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The round bar is made by logs tolling and characterized by strict, well-defined contours and shape. The diameter of the lumber varies in the range of 160-260 millimeters and depends on the scope and size of the structure. Round bar material is durable and stable, it able to stand in a structure for decades, therefore it is highly used in house building. It is a great deal to purchase a round bar due to product reliability, safety, a wear-resistant product with amazing texture and color.


The round bar could be made of pine, spruce or larch. Due to the positive qualities of spruce, the material has a beneficial effect on the microclimate in the house, fills the room with warmth and a pleasant smell. high-tech advanced equipment is used for lumber production and it also consists of several stages:

  • The selection of material by diameter;
  • Trimming on a turning and milling machine;
  • Elimination of visible defects;
  • Milling of corner bowls;
  • Antiseptic treatment and drying.

Due to all above round bar has perfect shape and calibration.

Round bar advantages from manufacturer

The round bar, manufactured by Ukragrolesopererabotka LLC, undergoes quality control and selection, thus we provides our customers with environmentally friendly, durable, natural and high-quality processed material.

Оцилиндрованный брус высшего качества

Due to the correct technological processing, the lumber has perfect shape, thus there is no need to eliminate or adjust the boards to each other during construction.

We produce our customers with high-quality round bar with numerous advantageous such as:

  • Simple installation;
  • High environmental properties;
  • Low thermal conductivity;
  • Aesthetic appearance and high quality characteristics.

Besides, it is reasonable to point out that during mechanical drying, the material is not deformed, it has the same diameter along the entire length, which avoids additional finishing and saves time.

The round bar at the manufacturer price: purchase benefits

We can help you to realize design or architectural ideas in a short period of time with the functional and technical capabilities of the round bar. The round bar has multiply advantages and cost is one of them.

Due to the coniferous forest prevalence in Ukraine, the costs of cutting and harvesting are low, thus it allows us to offer high-quality products at a reasonable cost. Thus, the house construction with the help of a round bar is a profitable investment. You can get high-quality lumber that meets the requirements of modern construction at a relatively low price.

In case of round bar, the benefits of the purchase are obvious - unlike other materials, it has much more advantages in house building or other construction projects. We provide highly professional service to our customers, thus we would be glad to consult you on types, grades, bar dimensions for certain types of construction works. We could offer delivery in Kyiv and around the whole of Ukraine. We produce high-quality lumber at a reasonable cost, please contact us if you are interested in round bar purchase.

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