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The planed dry beam produce by logs cutting with a cut from 10 to 100 millimeters. The outward beam characterized by the presence of four machined sides, it is manufactured on special machines, which are subject to the highest purity requirements. A distinctive feature of lumber is the method of its manufacture. Before sawdust of the sides, the log passes mechanical drying in the production chambers, due to which the material acquires high strength, does not crack and does not deform.

There are many advantages of planed dry use, but we would like to point out that houses built from this material have minimal shrinkage levels. In case, if the natural humidity material shrinks up to 6%, then the building of dry timber - not higher than 3.5%.

It is reasonable to say that lumber is highly used not only in the construction of the framework and foundation of the house, it is also used as a house cladding in the construction of buildings with a help of frame technology. Moreover, the material is popular due to its strength. We would like to recommend a planed dry beam to those of you, who are looking for high-quality characteristics lumber.

Качественный сухой строганый брус

Planed dry beam uniqueness and cost

As we mentioned above, the material goes through drying production, which helps the tree to get indisputable advantages:

  • High stability and durability, ability to withstand enormous loads;
  • Simple to installation and the ability to use any hardware;
  • Dry timber is unique. With its help, it is possible to construct buildings of any complexity and architectural design.
  • The material has an eye-catching outward with a natural pattern and a pleasant wood smell.
  • Wide range of dimensions.
  • The material is produced with a length of 3 - 4.5 meters, which allows you to buy lumber that meets construction needs.
  • he planed dry beam coast is equivalent to its advantages.

The planed dry beam cost is higher than the natural moisture bar due to the drying costs and production works, but planed dry beam advantages are priceless.

High-quality planed dry beam from Ukrainian manufacturer

The planed dry beam produced by UAWP company is always dried in a drying chamber and processed on high-quality machines, therefore it does not require additional finishing and processing. As a manufacturer, we offer high-quality material for house construction with affordable cost without extra charges.

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We produce a wide range of spruce, pine, oak, and other wood species material, it helps our clients find a planed dry beam for a certain type of constructions with maximum benefits. We provide our customers with delivery around Ukraine, also we offer to pick up service from the warehouse during business hours. UAWP managers will acquaint you with the assortment and provide you with a quotation. Place an order in UAWP company and get the set of benefits from the reliable Ukrainian manufacturer.

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