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The construction of residential wooden houses, saunas, bathhouses, arbors, stairs, doors, and other products is not complete without a pine beam. Since the pine beam is the most common type of lumber in Ukraine and it easy to process, it has the most inexpensive cost. Therefore, pine lumber is often used in homes decoration and interior design.

We are Ukrainian manufactures of lumber and we offer planed edged pine beams as well as glued and freshly sawn type in various sections and lengths. We produce eco-friendly, natural high-quality material under strict quality control. As a manufacturer, we provide our clients with planed edged pine beams at a reasonable cost and without extra charges.

Cost and particular qualities of the pine beams

Pine beam is becoming more and more popular due to the list of particular qualities.

First of all, the product produced with natural raw materials, thereby, it could withstand adverse weather for a long time.

Due to its texture and softness, the tree is easily processed, which allows materials to be used in:

  • Roof lathing;
  • Rafters creating;
  • Arrangement of frame partitions, floors, ceilings;
  • The manufacture of containers details, etc.
  • The main advantage of the pine is eye-catching outward.

Soft honey hue pleasant texture in combination with great coniferous smell fill the house with a warm and harmonic atmosphere. It is important to point out that pine best choice for interior decoration, as the resin of the tree contains healing properties - natural phytoncide, which has a pronounced refreshing and anti-inflammatory property.

Сосновый брус высшего сорта

Due to the tree height and evenness, the pine beam, unlike the other wood types, has a long length.

Above all, because pine material is one of the most affordable wood species it allows to purchase of pine goods with significant benefits.

Pine beams for sale from Ukrainian manufacturer

The high quality of goods sold by Ukragrolesopererabotka LLC explained by the compliance with GOST.

We are always responsible for the high quality of our products, because we really believe that this is the most important criteria when it comes to choosing the products. We only sell the fully checked and accepted products that pass four stages of control and eliminates any defects in our products.

Before processing, the raw materials are selected, divided into grades, inspected to identify defects and visible defects. Due to all the above, we provide our customers with durable, reliable and practical lumber of perfect quality. Depending on needs, budget and construction features, we offer consultation services and quotation help. We sell pine timber wholesale and retail; we provide delivery service in the Kyiv region by our own transport facilities. Also, we are ready to work with transportation companies that convenient for clients.

Pickup service is available in the warehouse during business hours. Place an order and get multiple benefits: High-quality goods, competent service, and reasonable cost.

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